The consumer has many choices these days when purchasing insurance. Direct Writers, Call Centres and of course the traditional independent Broker are all available options.

So what’s the difference?

Dedicated Broker and support staff YES NO NO
Access to multiple markets YES NO MAYBE
Independently Owned YES NO NO
Wide range of products YES NO NO
Competitive Pricing YES YES YES
Broker/Agent works on your behalf YES NO NO
Disputed Claims Assistance YES NO NO

Here’s an interesting fact regarding Direct Writers and Call Centers. The average call centre allots less than six minutes to each call. At the end of each month a report known as the “Average Handle Time Report” is generated. This report tracks the amount of time an agent spends on each call with the client. If the agent is unable to meet the allotted six minutes they are put on a “rehabilitation plan” in order to help ensure that the target is met. This of course comes at the expense of service to you, the client.

At CJB General you’ll never have to worry about “Average Handle Time”. Simply put, we will spend all the time necessary to ensure that your request is handled properly.

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